artist, activist, designer, traveler 

born on Oahu, Hawaii, June 8, 1968

Freedom and creativity are polestars guiding my adaptation to life. There have been a variety of impromptu escapades and re-inventions highlighting my path, to include total immersion in several professional realms. Antique restoration, Hawaiian Charter School, furniture maker, personal chef, Greenpeace activist, National Park Service, graphic design, ceramic tile design, interior design, floral design, staging, and import furniture business to name a few. There was a brief moment when I considered shaving my head and dedicating my life as a Buddhist monk but discipline and commitment are both stifling to my restless nature. The freedom to change and absorb new information is evolutionary for my prolific mind. Nature is my resource for resilience and dominion in the world. I am native Hawaiian, Tahitian, Chinese, German, and Cherokee. My perspective is distinctly protean.

The best art education I ever received was a summer spent with artist, critic and poet, Knute Stiles, in Bisbee, Arizona in 1995. I met him through a mutual friend on our way back from Guatemala. I had with me a scrapbook brimful of collages made from assembled found paper, stamps, receipts, postcards, matchbooks, tickets, Polaroids; evidence of my sojourn through South and Central America. Knute immediately recognized a kindred spirit and opened his home and studio to me. His encouragement, critique, wisdom and friendship spanned across 10 years of correspondence through letters. Our habitual exchange of postcard art, my collages for his watercolors, often included surprises from him, like a first publication of The Yage Letters, written and signed by his friend, William Burroughs. It was Knute who encouraged me to go back to Guatemala to learn traditional back-strap weaving and he who suggested I take some courses in film. He was a master at the art of life and a paramount influence on my outlook and style and approach to art.

I am instinctively more drawn to uncovering the truth of what’s not being expressed. Discovery and interpretation of the visceral feels like genetic disposition and inherent agency. My creative spectrum is a broad preoccupation with conveying nature as the primary field of experiences and existence. The materials I use are preferably recycled, found, inherited or frugally obtained. Working with simplicity and limitation is a preferred challenge to make something compelling without relying on the advantage of materials. Yielding to the ephemeral for contextual nuance is a process more important to me than technique or actual object. Arranging narratives through mixed media, collage, paint, photography, video and graphic design, I intend to make visual art that speaks for itself in it’s own new language.